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Advanced Smart Technologies (AST) is a mobile app development company working with startups and established brands, to create unique mobile experiences.

Since its beginning, Advanced Smart Technologies has been focused solely on developing iOS and Android apps and Information security services. We work together with our clients to build compelling apps that provide lasting excitement and value to their customers. Our understanding of mobile and web-based technology empowers us to bring a level of expertise to your organization like no one else. We know how to build products that can scale to your needs and satisfaction.


iOS App Development

We concentrate on delivering high quality apps, whether it’s on iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch. We have a committed group in Swift Programming language, Database Specialist, and Native Designers that build the best mobile applications to match your business needs.

Android App Development

We've created cool Android applications on releases from 2.X to 8.X. From Gingerbread to Oreo, straight for- ward phones to custom gadgets to Android wearables - we've done it all.

Mobile App Strategy

You have a vision for your next app Idea! Be that as it may, it can never be effective until you have a latest innovative technique. We give our premier focus to the app strategy before designing or coding anything.

Website Development

We have all the necessary skills and experience to develop rich content websites, adaptable ecommerce solutions and powerful custom web portals.

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